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Investor Financing Podcast

Dec 29, 2020

In a delayed financing transaction, you can take cash out on a property immediately in order to cover the purchase price and closing costs for a property you had previously bought with cash. . This allows you to have the advantage of being a cash buyer and giving sellers the chance to know the transaction will close,...

Dec 25, 2020

In this episode of the Investor Financing Podcast, we look at the best financing options for real estate investors buying 1-4 unit properties.

There are many ways to finance properties and many variables to look at when trying to figure out what would work best for your unique situation.

If you'd like to meet with...

Dec 24, 2020

In this episode, Vinney and Beau interview Leka from Rehab It Homes. Leka shares how she quit her w-2 job to pursue flipping homes full-time and how her business is evolving with rentals and development projects.

About Leka
Leka is an active investor and author based in Seattle, WA. She moved to the US from India 13...

Dec 23, 2020

Fix-and-flip loans are short-term loans used by real estate investors to purchase and improve a property to then sell for a profit. These improvements range from minor renovations to a complete reconstruction of an existing home. This is where fix-and-flip loans come in. Fix and flip loans usually cover 80-85% of...

Dec 22, 2020

In this episode we talk about the many different funding options for financing ALF (assisted-living facilities) projects. Learn how C-PACE is working well in the funding of these types of projects.

Loan programs covered:

HUD 232 program provides 40 year fixed rate, 75-85% LTV, non-recourse financing nationwide for...