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Investor Financing Podcast

Dec 4, 2021

Learn How I Just Got Approved for a $75k Unsecured Term Loan

In this video, Beau shows how he got a $75,000 unsecured term loan that he plans on using to invest in real estate.

Dec 4, 2021

How To Start a Real Estate Wholesaling Business with Rafael Cortez #VirtualWholesaling

In this episode, Beau talks with Rafael Cortez about real estate wholesaling.

He's boiled down his system into 6 finite parts:

1. Source

2. Convert

3. Acquire

4. Disposition

5. Measure

6. Improve

Watch this episode to find out more....

Dec 4, 2021

Free Tool For Short Term Rental Analysis (similar to AirDNA)

I bet you've heard of AirDNA. It's a premium tool for evaluating the revenue potential of your short term rental property.

What if I told you there is something similar, but for free? Would you be interested? Of course you would!

In this video, Beau shows...

Dec 4, 2021

Fix and Flip Loans for Beginners

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Dec 4, 2021

In this episode, join Vinney Chopra & Beau Eckstein as they talk about Vinney's latest multifamily acquisition, general market updates, and goals for 2022.