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Investor Financing Podcast

Mar 29, 2022

Private Money vs Hard Money with Jay Conner

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Mar 14, 2022

Multifamily Investing in the Texas Triangle [Interview with Ryan Nunes]

In this interview, Beau talked with former Wall Street trader, Ryan Nunes. He's the President of Life Changing Capital, based in Houston, Texas. His investment strategy has him investing heavily in the "Texas Triangle" (Dallas, Houston, and San...

Mar 14, 2022

Tyler Cauble: How to Force Appreciation with Commercial Real Estate

Give this episode some attention as Beau and Tyler Cauble talk about "forced appreciation," a little-known term to outsiders but something you, as a real estate investor, already know about or NEED to know about.

What is "forced appreciation?" Forced...

Mar 14, 2022

Credit Union Financing for Commercial Loans {Advantages Explained}

In this episode, Beau talks with Y-12 Federal Credit Union's Cory Alexander about the benefits of working with a credit union for your borrowing needs.

Why are credit unions sometimes better (but not always) for borrowers? Watch this episode to find...

Mar 14, 2022

How Axel Ragnarsson Bought His First Multifamily Real Estate Property While in College

In this interview, Beau sat down with Axel Ragnarsson, a multifamily investor, who bought his first multifamily home while he was in college.

Axel shares tips and tricks and stories about real estate investing, especially...