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Investor Financing Podcast

Jun 24, 2021

From mortgage broker to cashflow king!

Our good friend Eric Lawson is on the show today. Eric has 14 years of very successful experience in the mortgage industry, focusing on residential home buyers.

After he got his Economics degree at UC Davis (go Aggies!), he entered the mortgage industry, paid his dues, learned the business, and became a top producer.

During the COVID pandemic, he set his sights on producing recurring cashflow of $10k a month.

Fast forward 7 months and he's now doing 3x that ($30k a month).

How did he do it? Find out by watching this episode carefully.

We'll give you a brief preview: He bought properties in choice locations that were poised to be great AirBnB rentals. Eric will tell you what he looked for, how he improved the properties, and what he does to get them booked.

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