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Investor Financing Podcast

Jun 23, 2022

Mobile Home Park Investing: Inside Frank Rolfe's Formula for Success

Beau uses this episode of the Investor Financing Podcast to present a new asset class that could be a great addition to your portfolio: mobile home investing. He invites special guest Frank Rolfe onto the show, who is the cofounder of the Mobile Home University. Frank has been investing in mobile home parks since the 1990s and is now teaching others how to do the same.

Frank tells Beau about his first foray into mobile home investment, when he chose the wrong park at the wrong time but still managed to turn it around and make a profit. He tracks his journey from that park into syndication and the creation of the Mobile Home University.

Frank and Beau get into a deep discussion on affordable housing and why some investors steer clear of mobile home investment, despite the opportunities available to make a profit. During the episode, you’ll also learn about the regulations around mobile home parks and hear Frank give great insider advice on the five key qualities to look for in a mobile home park.

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