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Investor Financing Podcast

Jul 29, 2021

In this webinar, we covered the following topics:
✅ Recent Closings
✅ Basic questionnaire
✅ Bridge / Renovation loans
✅ Seasoning for cash-out refinancing
✅ Portfolio loan advantages
✅ General underwriting requirements for portfolio loans
✅ Why and when a bank loan might be your best choice
✅ Projection-based portfolio loans for short-term rentals
✅ Blanket loans
✅ Building business credit
✅ Financing furniture & fixtures

We started off with showing recently funded short-term rentals that are sure to earn their owners sizable profits, if not doing so already (some of these were VERY recently funded).

Then we moved on to the kinds of questions a broker or lender may ask you about your short-term rental property to get the loan sizing and terms right.

We covered various loan types, like bridge and renovation loans for STR properties.

Watch the video to learn all about short-term rentals and their financing.