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Investor Financing Podcast

Mar 31, 2023

Hey Beau, I have been a teacher for many years and would really love to own my own daycare. What would the best SBA financing options be? Most likely, we’d want to buy the real estate, as well.



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Mar 30, 2023

The Secret to Acquiring a Business with No Collateral

Question: Hey Beau, I’m buying a business and it has no inventory. It really is just all intangibles. It’s doing great revenue. I’m a solid borrower and I fit all the benchmarks I believe the SBA would require.

I guess I’m just wondering…I’m buying a...

Mar 29, 2023

How to Finance Cheap Properties [Using the BRRRR Method]

I have a question regarding DSCR loans for a long-term rental with the intention to use the BRRRR method. Given the example of a $40,000 house with a total rehab cost around $35,000, ARV around 90-100k with a 680+ credit score and 20% down, would I qualify for a...

Mar 28, 2023

Beau, I am an active investor in the SF Bay Area. Wholesalers bring me deals because I close quick. Usually, they are running out of time on their contract and need to perform. I am the guy that gives quick answers and can close quickly.

I am looking to establish a relationship with a group who can fund in a day or two....

Mar 24, 2023

Beau, love your show! I have a deal in contract that I will be fixing up to BRRRR. The lender I used on my last two deals is not lending right now. I am a little overwhelmed with trying to find competitive terms for the rehab loan. Rates and terms seem to be all over the place. Any guidance on finding the best option?...