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Investor Financing Podcast

Feb 29, 2024

In this episode, we'll explore the exciting world of franchise ownership and how you can make the leap from being an employee to a business owner with a minimal investment. Learn about the success story of a gentleman who is buying a painting franchise concept with just $11,500 out of pocket.

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Feb 28, 2024

In this episode, our expert, Beau Eckstein, breaks down the latest rule changes in the SBA guidelines, specifically focusing on the partial change of ownership for business acquisition.

Here are the 5 key takeaways that you'll learn:

  1. The game-changing opportunity: Discover how the new SBA guidelines now allow sellers...

Feb 27, 2024

In our latest video, we dive into the world of business acquisition and uncover some invaluable tips and tricks to help you navigate the process smoothly.

Here are 5 key takeaways you'll learn from this insightful episode: 1. Finding the Right Lending Institution: We'll show you how to find the best bank, credit union,...

Feb 26, 2024

In this episode, "SBA Express Loans for Start-Up Franchises," we delved into small business financing and uncovered some invaluable insights you don't want to miss. This episode was made for you if you've ever considered diving into the world of franchise startups or small business acquisitions.

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Feb 23, 2024

Are you tired of spending hours researching and analyzing potential investment properties? Look no further! We sat down with a brilliant data scientist, Ariel Herrera, who developed an incredible app called Coffee Clozers. This app uses innovative algorithms and data points to identify areas likely to appreciate value...