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Investor Financing Podcast

Jun 23, 2021

When you find yourself in need of working capital for your business, what options are available? Today, small business owners have no shortage of options and it can be overwhelming to decide which one is best. This is a GOOD THING!

In this podcast, we share FOUR different ways to fund your growing business.

Here they are:
✔ Alternative Lending – Traditionally, small business owners have turned to banks or credit unions for loans, lines of credit, etc. While working with a bank is still a preferred option, what happens if you don’t meet their strict requirements or timing is an issue?

✔ Invoice Financing – Do you have unpaid invoices? The fact is late payments and overdue invoices can cause a serious cash flow problem for a business. A financing solution known as invoice financing or accounts receivable financing, allows small business owners to free up unpaid invoices.

✔ Revolving Line of Credit - Business credit cards. They are easier to get than you think and often do not rely on, or impact, your personal credit score.

✔ Self-Directed IRAs and OPM (Other People's Money) - With self-directed transactions, the account holder/investor works out all the terms with the other party. You can be fairly creative structuring business loans with self-directed vehicles.

Each of these methods can get you the financing you need to grow your business. Pairing two or more can really leverage your power.

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